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30.01.2010 1- " "
Provides after introduction of the martial law introduction of control over work of the objects providing functioning of transport, communications and communication, behind work of printing houses, computer centres and the automated systems, mass media, and also introduction of military censorship behind items of mail and the messages transferred by means of telecommunication systems, and also control over telephone negotiations, creation of bodies of the censorship, directly prosecuting the specified subjects.

30.05.2010 3- " "
Regulates introduction special a legal regime of activity of public authorities, local governments, the organisations irrespective of organizational-legal forms and patterns of ownership, their officials, the public associations, supposing separate restrictions of the rights and freedom of citizens of the russian federation, foreign citizens, persons without citizenship, the rights of the organisations and public associations, and also putting on on them of additional duties.

21.07.1997 116- " "
Defines legal, economic and social bases of maintenance of safe operation of dangerous industrial objects and it is directed on the prevention of failures on dangerous industrial objects and maintenance of readiness of the organisations maintaining dangerous industrial objects, to localisation and liquidation of consequences of the specified failures. establishes requirements of certification of the technical devices applied on dangerous industrial object, and also requirements of industrial safety to operation of dangerous industrial object.

9.01.1996 3- " "
Defines legal bases of maintenance of radiating safety of the population with a view of protection of its health.

21.12.1994 68- " "
Defines organizational-rule of law in the field of protection of the citizens, all ground, water, air space within the russian federation or its part, objects of industrial and social appointment, and also surrounding environment from emergency situations of natural and technogenic character. establishes for federal public authorities, public authorities of subjects of the russian federation, local governments and administrations of the organisations a duty operatively and authentically to inform the population through mass media and on other channels on a condition of protection of the population.

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28.01.1997 93 " - "
Enters since 1998 radiatsionno-hygienic certification of the organisations and territories and confirms the order of working out of radiatsionno-hygienic passports of the organisations and territories.

13.09.1996 1094 " "
Confirms the position with the same name intended for an establishment of the uniform approach to an estimation of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, delimitation of zones of emergency situations and adequate reaction to them.

24.07.1995 738 " "
Confirms the order of preparation of the population in the field of protection against emergency situations to corresponding age or social groups. establishes that preparation of the population for actions in emergency situations is carried out at the enterprises, in establishments (including educational) and the organisations irrespective of them organizational - the legal form, and also in a residence.

5 1995N 1113 " " ( 22 1997 ., 10 2010 .)
The position establishing system of measures on creation to uniform state system of the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and coordination of work of various links by this of systems is confirmed.

24.07.1996 83. " ".
Confirms the specified position defining principles of the organisation, structure, problems and functions of a functional subsystem of communication and the notification of uniform state system of the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations.

21 1999N 239/66/288 " "
Confirm a conducting order in the organisations of radiatsionno-hygienic passports.