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" " 10.06.1993 5151-1
The law establishes legal bases of obligatory and voluntary certification of production, services and other objects in the russian federation, and also the rights, duties and responsibility of participants of certification.

22.11.1995 171- " "
In law article 17 features of advertising of alcoholic production are established.

19.07.1997 109- " "
Law article 17 forbids advertising of the pesticides which have done not passed the state registration and agrochemicals and establishes other restrictions on their advertising.

8.01.1998 3- " "
Law article 46 forbids propagation and limits advertising in sphere of a turn of narcotics, psychotropic substances and them .

22.06.1998 86- " "
Law article 44 establishes features of advertising of medical products. in mass media advertising of the medical products which are released only without the recipe of the doctor is supposed.

29.04.1999 80- " "
The law establishes legal, organizational, economic and social bases of activity of the fizkulturno-sports organisations, defines principles of a state policy in the field of physical training and sports in the russian federation and the olympic movement of russia. co-ordinates activity of public authorities and mass media by definition of forms and methods of propagation of physical training and sports. forbids propagation in sports of a cult of cruelty and violence, humiliation of human advantage, use of the stimulators forbidden by statutory acts harming to health of the person; advertising of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products during translation on channels a tele- and broadcastings of fizkulturno-improving and sports programs. orders to mass media, including the television companies, their editions, founders and translation of regular transfers, sports programs, other materials of obrazovatelno-educational character forming at citizens requirement for employment by physical exercises, increase of interest to knowledge in the field of hygiene, medicine, a diet, the organisations of work and the rest popularising complexes of physical exercises, etc.

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29.11.2010 156- " "
Article 51 of the law establishes requirements to the maintenance of the extended or published information. the joint-stock investment fund bears responsibility for advertising of this fund, the maintenance and the form of the extended or published information on joint-stock investment fund, including for its untimely distribution or publication, and also for distribution or publication of the inexact, incomplete or misleading information.

10.06.1994 1183 " "
Obliges to specify in advertising of banks, the financial, insurance and investment enterprises, establishments and the organisations, and also other legal bodies involving means of citizens and legal bodies or realising the goods and services: the real sizes of dividends, percent and other information. establishes other requirements to the maintenance of advertising and restriction

The decree of the president of the russian federation from 2/17/1995 161 "about guarantees of the right of citizens on health protection at advertising distribution"
Forbids distribution to mass media of advertising of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products, methods of preventive maintenance, diagnostics, treatment, medical technologies and the medical products, not last testings and not confirmed when due hereunder, healers, psychics and other persons who are declaring by experts in treatment by methods of national medicine and other traditional methods and not having corresponding permissions, to production which is subject to obligatory certification, but not having the conformity certificate according to a part of fourth article 7 of the law of the russian federation "about certification of production and services".

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27 1999N 1089/98

24 1999N 83/99

19.10.99 N 3331/99 " , . "

01.02.2000 N 6182/99 " , .. , "

14.09.94 -41 " " ", 14.07.94 83"

13.03.95 N 5-7/-145 " "

25 1998 37 " "

- 6 2000 82-29/99-/7

- 8 2000 11-3892/00-2-1892

13 2000N -40/5569-00

17 2010N -41/6352-00

26 2010N -4-/1159-01

7 2010N -40/2153-01

26 2010N -40/3124-01

13 2010N -40/4222-01

- 18 2010N 82-167/01-/1

8 2010N -40/6359-01

- 3 2010N 43-5270/01-30-153

13.11.1995 147 " "
Establishes procedure and terms of disposal of legal proceeding by the ministry of the russian federation of an antimonopoly policy and support of business and its territorial administrations to signs of infringement of the legislation of the russian federation about advertising and acceptance on them of corresponding decisions.